Winter wonderland

11 Feb



There’s so much excitement when a good blizzard is on the way. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, I love to sit by the window and watch the snow fall. There is something so serene and calming when the snow coats the trees and grass. Ironically enough, our best snow falls this year came just after Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on groundhog day and proclaimed an early spring. Ha!


Without a doubt the kids love snow days – snowball fights, igloos, sledding, snowmen and snow-angels – no school, cookies for breakfast and candy for lunch…what’s not to love!?! Playing, exploring, running in the snow is generally exhausting and they sleep so well. Momma has an early happy hour…it’s all around good for everyone.

IMG_0794 IMG_0781 IMG_0830 IMG_0866 IMG_0465

For Addison, this year is a bit easier than last since she is older and more stable on her feet. But she still gets frustrated when the snow is deep. The first blizzard dropped so much snow she sank all the way in.

IMG_0432 IMG_0440

Queso is getting more brave (or just giving up?) and finally going outside.


Sledding!! The second snowfall brought perfect sledding snow (Queso loved chasing us down the hill)…

IMG_0815 IMG_0978 IMG_0989 IMG_0988

So the down side of all this snow? (because I know so many of you hate it) While you’re waiting for the blizzard to end so you can finally get outside and run off some energy before the kids kill each other…


Or when you spend more time getting dressed than you actually spend outside playing. Because someone had to use the bathroom, needs a snack, has snow in their boots, etc…


The shoveling and digging. Oh wait, I don’t do that anymore. That excitement ended last year and I’ve put the shovel away :)) We have a guy on-call for our snow removal…


But hands down, the worst part about winter, is all the germs. SO MANY GERMS!!! So far this year our house has fought two cases of strep, a double ear infection, two sinus infections, and an upper respiratory infection. The kids are both on antibiotics right now. Ugh…it’s the worst!


And look at this! Each kindergartner in Pierce’s class had to pick their favorite season, create a diorama on it, and write an explanation about why it’s their favorite. I was shocked to learn he chose winter. I thought he was my beach baby…


Jan 14: Addi turns 2

5 Feb

Addison started her big day at Toys R Us picking out her own birthday gift (thanks, Uncle Brent for the gift card). They gave her a balloon and crown, and she was beaming.


She is OBSESSED with all things Frozen so she had the most amazing cake. She was so so soooooo excited about it. Most mornings she demands (DEMANDS!!) to watch Frozen while eating her breakfast. She has a poster of the movie characters in her room and every night on the baby monitor you can hear her talking to Elsa, Anna and Olaf. She seriously lives for Frozen from the minute she wakes to the moment she kicks the wall to sleep each night.


She also really loved her birthday outfit and asked to wear it everyday for at least a week straight. Here she is, at school, telling us how old she is. She can’t be bothered with holding up two fingers on the same hand, I guess? Little cutie…


Girls. She definitely already has an opinion on what she wears…and accessories is her thang. Bags, shoes, necklaces, hats, sunglasses, snow pants, you name it. She loves it…

IMG_0301 IMG_0289

Unless mom puts accessories in her hair. Then she’s like no


Just recently she’s been talking more and more. It’s so fun to hear their little voices come out. Not surprisingly she has a lot more to say at this age than her older brother did. She is able to string together full sentences. But their little voices are so similar to one another. Soft, high, and sweet as can be.

She is no longer a great eater. I think she’s trying to set a record for how long a toddler can live off yogurt and cookies.

She is still a water baby, and loves swimming and bath time.

Loves the “got your nose” game. Will play it endlessly and she thinks its hilarious.

Still an amazing sleeper, always has been. She goes to bed by 6:30/7:00 and will sleep most mornings until 10am. Sometimes later. And still naps during the day.

When she was born, I called her Addi-bird because she was so vocal. She still babbles and sings non-stop. Her favorite song is “Let it Go”, of course! She is living up to her nick-name.

Just had her 2 year old well check at the doctor. Based on her current height, they guesstimated she will be 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Happy birthday baby girl. You are perfect in every way and we love you!!


Christmas break

5 Feb

This year we decided to be home for Christmas which was really nice, and really easy. Justin’s family came to visit for about a week and my brother was also able to come hang out. We had a great time in the city, despite the rain. And there was a lot of rain.


But after the rain, we were left with some amazing weather for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Short sleeves outside playing with our new toys, and even had to turn on the air conditioning in the house…whaaaaat?


Just after Christmas Day we said goodbye to the in-laws and headed to the Dominican Republic. Pierce has always been a good traveler, but Addi. Whoa. She is difficult. In an effort to save money she has been traveling as a lap child – free under 2 years old – and as sad as my checking account is to say goodbye to those days, I look forward to her having her own seat on the airplane. With this, and a little help from the iPad, I hope she will get better at this travel thing. Pierce is so nice to always share his seat with her.


My parents met us there, in Cap Cana. It was relaxing, nice beaches, and the weather was perfect the whole time. Ahhhhh…..vacation….

IMG_9775 IMG_9772


We rang in the new year with these party animals! Happy 2016 :)))

IMG_9809 IMG_9786

We explored the island by boat, by foot, by golf cart (everyone’s favorite), and by dune buggy.

IMG_9820 IMG_0902 IMG_0903 FullSizeRender

The kids loved setting up their “coconut stand” each morning on the beach, and spending their days collecting hermit crabs.

IMG_9858 IMG_9887

By the time we got home, the cold had definitely hit NY. I guess winter is finally here.

December, already?

3 Dec

Christmas lists are complete. The advent calendars, started. Registration for spring sports are in progress. How is it December already??

Addi started “school” recently. She goes a few days a week for a couple hours per morning. She is growing up at an alarming rate. Her 2nd birthday is just 6 weeks away! :( She doesn’t NEED a backpack for school but insists on carrying (an empty) one just because she sees her brother do it.

IMG_7741 IMG_7807

Introducing “Goldie”. She (he?) joined our family when Pierce won her at the Fall Festival.


And when one kid wins a goldfish, the other moms dole out a ridiculous amount of money so that they all go home “winners”. No lie…one of these goldfish has only one eye. And the local pet store sold out on aquariums the week of the Fall Festival. Die, fall festival. Die.


The family enjoyed our trip to Washington, DC in October. It was the first time there for me and the kids. So many free museums!! Cool city, kids enjoyed it. Here they are outside the White House.


This year for Halloween Pierce wanted to be a ninja (again). So of course Addi had to be a ninja too. We found her an adorable pink ninja costume to perfectly match his black one. Had them altered…twice. And then last minute they decide to go with something out of the dress up bin instead. What’s a mom to do?

IMG_8472 IMG_8482

Justin and I decided to dress as Royals fans for Halloween, which as you can imagine went over horribly here in New York the day before the final game. (in case you need a reminder….the KC Royals beat the NY Mets this year to win the World Series)


We were trying to replicate this look, which is an actual troll doll that Justin had as a child. I think we nailed it.


Pierce started Chess club at school. This particular match resulted in a King vs. King tie ending. Whatever that means. I don’t “do” chess. But they sure are cute.


Just before Thanksgiving Pierce tested for his orange-striped belt at Tae Kwon Do. This was what he handed in for his Kindergarten turkey decoration assignment. Think he was excited about his belt promotion?


Here he is, receiving his new belt. He loves Tae Kwon Do and is getting better and stronger every day. So proud of him.

IMG_8890 IMG_8885

For Thanksgiving we drove…yes drove…to Nashville. It took us 17 hours there. 15 on the way back. Totally worth it! Here Pierce is helping Grandma cook


The day after Thanksgiving, Grandma & Grandpa took everyone to see the production of “The Grinch” at the Grand Ole Opery. The kids loved it!

IMG_9024 IMG_9058 IMG_9059

That night Pierce decided his corvette needed headlights. And a backup camera. And a GPS. And then eventually a speaker with an emergency siren. Grandpa helped him duct tape it all on and he was so excited for night-driving.


Addi was more interested in the finer things in life…


Christmas cards are ready and will be mailed out soon. Pierce comes home from school singing songs preparing for his Christmas production (he’s playing an angel). No snow yet, but it’s coming soon. Bring on the holidays!! We are so ready…

It’s fall y’all

19 Oct

Which means football, pumpkin patches, apple picking, boots and long sleeves!! Yay. It also means that we’ve been on Long Island for a year now. Can you believe it? We moved into our house a year ago this week, crazy!

My football fans, constantly humming the Tomahalk Chop, on game day or not:


Having fun at the pumpkin patch in Mattituk:

IMG_7550 IMG_7572 IMG_7588 12046935_10207644844543619_6740263776804763811_n

First time apple picking, which is like THE thing to do here, on the kindergarten field trip:

IMG_7828 IMG_7858 IMG_7837

We’ve also had our first snow, which didn’t last long and didn’t stick. And if that doesn’t say winter is just around the corner, then Christmas lists certainly do! Pierce’s list is already 4 pages long. Think he’s a bit excited this year? :) Santa has his work cut out for him.


Addison does “the pose”

9 Oct

She randomly yells out “MOMMA” and will strike my pose. Love her!

IMG_6497 IMG_6897 IMG_7446 IMG_7867

Remember this? The first time my son did it :)

…ok. only half a year later

4 Oct

Say what? It’s been 6 months since my last entry? I intended to make some updates over the summer, but crap time gets away. So here’s the CliffNotes version of our summer, in pictures…

Grandma came up for a visit, and momma took a girl’s trip to Florida:

17667_10206582784952206_3869933499697503942_n 21084_10206606931195847_5249279066005460884_n

My mom and dad came up for a visit, and the guys took Pierce to his first Yankees game:


I fought back the tears watching my baby walk across the stage at his Pre-K graduation:


A much anticipated NYC visit from some Penang besties:


Beach, beach, and more beach days:

11148654_10206945184691973_8860860110677565565_n 11701109_10207113333536176_3708960234705414511_n 11737843_10207551144963177_4733317374104274507_n IMG_5889603711_10206902466264039_4007626467947992682_n

A trip to the Jersey Shore with our Austin besties:

11390055_10207133661763782_5093638935488162981_n IMG_516910264481_10206914202278019_2407077757018021916_n

Proud momma moment! Pierce’s first Tae Kwon Do tournament where he took home the gold:


An NYC visit from a high school bestie. I love that we live in a place where people are always coming to:


Summer means hanging with the girls:

11755176_10153422087402660_2451175876733349363_n 11139012_10153181115687660_3286256254640546761_n 11872249_10207251088585098_8275976312464602897_o11425166_10153355226072416_1557053068324463229_n

Justin’s parents moved to Nashville so a visit was in order! We hung out with some good friends, spent the 4th of July with family, and momma got another girls trip. To Austin this time:

11701054_10206983939261400_5226418365526934529_n 11143387_10204043479117470_6410645959532721665_o 10409686_10203394813550865_8688568778932458402_n

A Penang girls reunion in ATX:


More Texas besties visit us in NYC:


Visits from old mid-west buddies…the Sanders made a special stop in NY on their way back to England. And Butler got the Long Island tour:


Pierce ran his first race in Killington, Vermont. Another proud momma moment:


NYC date nights, U2 concert, Yankees game…taking advantage of work perks:


An amazing trip to Texas, spending QT with the family:

IMG_6356 FullSizeRender 11049547_10207495348285719_2468728054730973676_n

And then a family road-trip to Colorado!! Fishing in New Mexico, Thomas’ first half marathon, Red Rocks, and time spent with some very special girlfriends:

IMG_6618 11880349_10207555728875196_1835856617446924901_n 11218703_10207571291224245_1968743800973885490_n11898629_10207314442882096_355208924240056730_n 11887851_10207576036502874_6840902805390198208_n

A quick solo road-trip to Connecticut and Rhode Island for a couple races, with a night spent in a very questionable motel room, lol:


Another visit from my mom, which means date nights and overnight getaways to Seattle and Boston for Justin and I. My first time to both cities:

10818486_10207503214002944_6272438526415866973_o 12032123_10207593006367697_4882087527740099143_n

Also a road-trip to Maine with mom with some yummy yummy lobster:


First day of school for this cutie Kindergartner:


Thomas’ 40th b-day celebration, complete with cake and night out in the city, and then a half marathon. Like a boss:

IMG_7438 IMG_7530

My mom and I were hard at work during her visit (like we always are when she comes up). We completed a very much needed spring cleaning and re-organization of pretty much every room in the house. This is just one before/after picture, taken in the basement. This house just let out an audible sigh of relief:

IMG_7629 IMG_7633

And there it is…minus all of Justin’s work travel. Who knows where he’s been…Europe, Asia and India…east coast, west coast…everywhere. Whatever. It was a super fun and super busy summer. But we are certainly ready for fall and all the exciting things it brings.


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