It’s fall y’all

19 Oct

Which means football, pumpkin patches, apple picking, boots and long sleeves!! Yay. It also means that we’ve been on Long Island for a year now. Can you believe it? We moved into our house a year ago this week, crazy!

My football fans, constantly humming the Tomahalk Chop, on game day or not:


Having fun at the pumpkin patch in Mattituk:

IMG_7550 IMG_7572 IMG_7588 12046935_10207644844543619_6740263776804763811_n

First time apple picking, which is like THE thing to do here, on the kindergarten field trip:

IMG_7828 IMG_7858 IMG_7837

We’ve also had our first snow, which didn’t last long and didn’t stick. And if that doesn’t say winter is just around the corner, then Christmas lists certainly do! Pierce’s list is already 4 pages long. Think he’s a bit excited this year? :) Santa has his work cut out for him.


Addison does “the pose”

9 Oct

She randomly yells out “MOMMA” and will strike my pose. Love her!

IMG_6497 IMG_6897 IMG_7446 IMG_7867

Remember this? The first time my son did it :)

…ok. only half a year later

4 Oct

Say what? It’s been 6 months since my last entry? I intended to make some updates over the summer, but crap time gets away. So here’s the CliffNotes version of our summer, in pictures…

Grandma came up for a visit, and momma took a girl’s trip to Florida:

17667_10206582784952206_3869933499697503942_n 21084_10206606931195847_5249279066005460884_n

My mom and dad came up for a visit, and the guys took Pierce to his first Yankees game:


I fought back the tears watching my baby walk across the stage at his Pre-K graduation:


A much anticipated NYC visit from some Penang besties:


Beach, beach, and more beach days:

11148654_10206945184691973_8860860110677565565_n 11701109_10207113333536176_3708960234705414511_n 11737843_10207551144963177_4733317374104274507_n IMG_5889603711_10206902466264039_4007626467947992682_n

A trip to the Jersey Shore with our Austin besties:

11390055_10207133661763782_5093638935488162981_n IMG_516910264481_10206914202278019_2407077757018021916_n

Proud momma moment! Pierce’s first Tae Kwon Do tournament where he took home the gold:


An NYC visit from a high school bestie. I love that we live in a place where people are always coming to:


Summer means hanging with the girls:

11755176_10153422087402660_2451175876733349363_n 11139012_10153181115687660_3286256254640546761_n 11872249_10207251088585098_8275976312464602897_o11425166_10153355226072416_1557053068324463229_n

Justin’s parents moved to Nashville so a visit was in order! We hung out with some good friends, spent the 4th of July with family, and momma got another girls trip. To Austin this time:

11701054_10206983939261400_5226418365526934529_n 11143387_10204043479117470_6410645959532721665_o 10409686_10203394813550865_8688568778932458402_n

A Penang girls reunion in ATX:


More Texas besties visit us in NYC:


Visits from old mid-west buddies…the Sanders made a special stop in NY on their way back to England. And Butler got the Long Island tour:


Pierce ran his first race in Killington, Vermont. Another proud momma moment:


NYC date nights, U2 concert, Yankees game…taking advantage of work perks:


An amazing trip to Texas, spending QT with the family:

IMG_6356 FullSizeRender 11049547_10207495348285719_2468728054730973676_n

And then a family road-trip to Colorado!! Fishing in New Mexico, Thomas’ first half marathon, Red Rocks, and time spent with some very special girlfriends:

IMG_6618 11880349_10207555728875196_1835856617446924901_n 11218703_10207571291224245_1968743800973885490_n11898629_10207314442882096_355208924240056730_n 11887851_10207576036502874_6840902805390198208_n

A quick solo road-trip to Connecticut and Rhode Island for a couple races, with a night spent in a very questionable motel room, lol:


Another visit from my mom, which means date nights and overnight getaways to Seattle and Boston for Justin and I. My first time to both cities:

10818486_10207503214002944_6272438526415866973_o 12032123_10207593006367697_4882087527740099143_n

Also a road-trip to Maine with mom with some yummy yummy lobster:


First day of school for this cutie Kindergartner:


Thomas’ 40th b-day celebration, complete with cake and night out in the city, and then a half marathon. Like a boss:

IMG_7438 IMG_7530

My mom and I were hard at work during her visit (like we always are when she comes up). We completed a very much needed spring cleaning and re-organization of pretty much every room in the house. This is just one before/after picture, taken in the basement. This house just let out an audible sigh of relief:

IMG_7629 IMG_7633

And there it is…minus all of Justin’s work travel. Who knows where he’s been…Europe, Asia and India…east coast, west coast…everywhere. Whatever. It was a super fun and super busy summer. But we are certainly ready for fall and all the exciting things it brings.

Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel Swim

13 Apr

My husband usually gets annoyed when I try to sneak in some sort of race while on a family vacation. But this time he only has himself to blame. The night before our flight to St. Kitts he sent me a link with information on a unique race. A 2.5 mile open ocean swim from the island of Nevis over to St. Kitts. Sounds amazing right?!? Of course I haven’t been training for a swim event. In fact, my last open water swim was my half Ironman in 2012. But how could I say no?

So 2 days later he found himself on a ferry, taking me to the start of the race :) Good husband!


A beautiful double rainbow before the race started!! Ahhhhh, paradise. In the second picture do you see the white puffy cloud in the middle? The finish line was just under that cloud.

IMG_2838 IMG_2836

I think there were about 200 swimmers in this 13th annual event. The winner came in at 1.03.17. The last swimmer finished in a grueling 4 hours and 41 minutes. Ages ranged from 10 years old to 70 years. The water was warm, beautiful, and clear…I could see the bottom of the ocean the entire swim. When I wasn’t exhausted and wishing my nose wasn’t on fire from the salt water, it was an incredibly enjoyable swim. Felt like I was snorkeling…watching sea turtles, sting rays, starfish, and of course tons of tropical fish along the way. Soooo much fun!

Here I am below…happy to be done. Finally. In the middle of the swim I was seriously doubting my desire to ever do a full Ironman (which is a 2.4 mile swim). It is a loooong time to be in the middle of the ocean. But now that it’s over, I think I’ll hold onto that dream. As long as I train for it….duh.

IMG_2833 IMG_3181 IMG_3180 IMG_2834

And finally….after 1 hour, 38 minutes and 47 seconds…I am on Reggae Beach in St. Kitts, enjoying a pina colada with Justin at the finish line :)


Such an amazing and fun event!

Turning 5

13 Apr

We had so much fun celebrating Pierce’s birthday this year. It started with a day trip into the city for him to pick out his own birthday presents at FAO Shwartz. Pierce loves the city and although he begged to stay overnight in a hotel with dad, he instead settled for a trip to Hooters for wings and beer (sprite) to end their fun boys day out in NYC.


He had an awesome birthday party with all of his friends…complete with pizza, a dance party and ice cream sundaes. Perfect day!

IMG_2449 IMG_3183 IMG_2470

A mini party in the morning before school with cake for breakfast…

IMG_2561 IMG_2556

And the party continues with his “John Reindeer” tractor. Fun for both Pierce and Addi :)


Happy birthday to the sweetest, smartest, goofiest, most special 5 year old I know. We love you P!


Buh bye, winter. Maybe?

19 Mar

Moving to New York I was super nervous about the harsh winters. Tomorrow, March 20th is the official first day of spring. Not only did I survive our first winter (EVER) but I actually quite liked it. It had a late start this year, but the snow came on strong in January and kept coming again and again and again. I think it ended up being the 3rd coldest February on record. There were mounds of snow like I’ve never seen before, and it was new and fun and beautiful. And now that it’s mid-March I’m like….okay snow. Time to say goodbye. Everyone’s had enough of you. It’s brown and dirty and gross and sand/salt mix is everywhere inside my house. I haven’t seen grass in months. Until recently. We’ve had some warm days – albeit warm is relative. Anything above 32 feels warm now and I seriously consider even bringing a jacket out if it’s in the 30’s – and the snow is melting. The sun is out, and the icicles are gone. Everyone is ready and excited for spring. The verdict? It’s fun living in a place with seasons. Gives me something to look forward to and be excited about. Turns out, just as you tire of winter…a new season comes along!

These pictures were taken only 13 days apart. This is crazy to me!! The snow day on top was March 5th. And the bottom one was taken just yesterday. I can finally see my front porch again.



But wait…HOLD UP! I’m learning why winter gets a bad wrap. Just when you think it’s over, they predict a late snow storm to drop 5 inches of snow on…you guessed it….tomorrow…the first day of spring!!

Our spring break is in 2 weeks. Looking forward to the warmer weather, sunshine and some good ole fashioned vitamin D.


7 Feb

I’m always a proud mom, but today…well today was pretty special. Pierce had his first Tae Kwon Do belt test. And he NAILED IT!!!


Not only was he awarded his double yellow belt, but he was also surprised with an award for his leadership skills and the tremendous progress he’s made since his first class – back in November.


His fan club was there in full force to support him…mom, dad, sister, Nini, Uncle Thomas….and even his best friend from school came out (in the snow) to cheer him on.


We are so proud of this guy. But what really makes this day so special is to see how proud he is of himself. We celebrated with pizza, ice cream and a new Rescue Bot Transformer. Love this kid!


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